Welcome to forestry and farm fencing Ltd. FFFLTD was established in January of 2021. After many years working under the company name KMCS, Konar decided to streamline and focus his effort on fencing and FFFLTD was established. A new company with a proven leader and a drive to help bring your next fencing project to fruition. From merely advice to completion we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest quality to match your needs.

The Scottish highlands is where we feel most at home, erecting high quality fencing that is guaranteed to stand the test of time especially in the rugged environments to which we are accustomed. We are just as at home building your pheasants pen, stock fences, stock handling systems or even repairing fences to help you gain the most value from your fencing investment.

We look forward to hearing from you soon about your next woodland creation fence, hill fence, or farm fencing project.

Our Services

We offer a range of fencing services, if you have a specific requirement get in touch!

Deer & Rabbit Fencing

Pheasant Pens

Stock Fencing

Hill Fencing

Fencing Repair

Fence Line Surveys